Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Leandros Restaurant and Sports Bar

3177 Seneca Turnpike
I have never been so disappointed in my life.  Nine of us went here for our New Years Eve dinner.  We were there for an hour before we got our menus.  Then, it took forever for our food to come out.  It is not like they were busy.  The dining area can only accommodate 50 people.  There was probably 30 people there. 
So, the menu was limited, the prices were outrageous and the selections sucked.  On the back of the menu they listed chicken wings for .50 cents a piece.  So, we asked for the wings, the waitress says "They aren't serving wings tonight".  We said well, it is on the menu.  She says "I will check and see if they are making them".  She came back and said "yes".  So, 4 of us ordered the wings.  One member of our party didn't order anything because the choices were so limited that there was nothing she wanted. 
Now, we tell the waitress that we were ready for the checks.  She asks if they were separate checks, we said yes.  She says "Well, I didn't write them up that way."  I said "Well, you should have asked that before you took the orders".  So, we get the check.  One item that someone ordered was priced at $10, on the check it said $12.  She took care of that.  We were overcharged for the wings.  They were supposed to be $10 at .50 cents each for  20.  The waitress says "Oh no, that is only on NFL nights" Whoa, then that should not have been priced that way on the menu.  She refused to fix it.  Then to top it all off, they added an automatic 18% gratuity to the bill.  Really?  My 13 year old could have given better service.  The place is a joke and we will never go back there. 

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